Brokers Real Estate is one of the core services maMEGA ESTATE has built since its establishment, with a staff of dynamic, knowledgeable about the real estate market of residential, commercial, industrial help customers wishing to purchase, sale, transfer, lease or rental of real estate time savings through the following methods:


Through its own website .Gioi floor ESTATE MEGA products descriptions of goods and services in real estate. there are many companies with the website above.

Floor equipped with computers – LCD, projector lamps, pictures, brochures …
Customer outreach worker with gracious attitude, enthusiasm, make customers feel the information received valuable and reliable.

Products are gathered sufficient information to provide customers the basis for evaluating the real estate transaction can.
To build trust, credibility with customers, making the floor accurate information, authentic, fulfilling what the customer needs. Depending on customer needs that offer pertinent information.

Marketing real estate projects:

By the customer approach as above, plus a large number of investors close to the floor so far will generate the best business results. ESTATE MEGA will survey the market, sales strategy consultants, price and business plan to help investors achieve the highest sales.

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