MEGA ESTATE is a Vietnam law firm is reputable and best known in the field of consulting legalize housing, participate in the proceedings and guidance documents as well as the procedures for exercising the right to inherit the house land.


MEGA ESTATE consultants have a legal framework related to housing legitimized as:

– Objects of housing and land should implement procedures for legalization;

– The conditions of housing and papers necessary for the conduct legitimized;

– Legal consequences before and after the housing legitimized;

– The order, procedures and documentation needed to legalize implementation;

– Other issues related to legalize housing

In particular, objects of housing and land should implement procedures to legalize the housing includes:

– The original purchase under state ownership.

– Houses with or without valid papers.

– The self-construction.

– Transferred land paper sleeve or a notarized contract.

– The separation of a parcel of land.

– The land inheritance.

– State of Vietnam in foreign countries to buy someone else’s name.

– The Vietnam from abroad are recognized state ownership.

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