With clean land stretches over an area of thousands of hectares of the same series of real estate projects hit, tourist area north of Cam Ranh peninsula (Khanh Hoa) have many advantages to “outperform” Nha Trang in the future.


Present at the resort (KDL) north of Cam Ranh peninsula on the weekends, we have witnessed groundbreaking bustling atmosphere of a great site here. A series of real estate projects has been started after a long quiet period.

According to information from the Management Board KDL North Cam Ranh peninsula, now has 35 projects were granted investment certificates, of which 19 projects were licensed to build and was started, 10 completed projects compensation, 6 projects ongoing clearance compensation and complete investment procedures.

In particular, the 19 projects have been licensed to build, has 13 projects under construction with very urgently speed.

According to our observations, most of the projects here are the investors to mobilize the kind of trucks carrying construction material, crane, drilling activity both day and night nuop nuop makes this area a modern construction.

One of these projects is quite large scale in North Cam Ranh peninsula is KDL Peak Gold – Cam Ranh by Peak Gold Ltd. Nha Trang as an investor with a total investment of more than 1.000 billion on a total area of ​​12, 5 ha.

Currently, the project has been completed with 8 clusters Resort Bungalow, 14-storey hotel, pool area and other ancillary works and was officially put into operation in April this year.

Known, the investor KDL Golden Peak – Cam Ranh is the expeditious deployment phase 2 of the project to a large-scale hotel to meet the growing demand of tourists.

Not far away is the Cam Ranh Flowers Resort project is being constructed investor day and night to keep up the progress. The project has a total investment of 1,890 billion VND (equivalent to 90 million US dollars) with an area of ​​15 hectares, was officially started since May 3/2014 and expected to be completed over a period of 30 months.

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