Quy Nhon is known to be a beautiful coastal city, there are many scenic spots. Now, the city also attracted visitors by greenery.

10 years ago, passing through Quy Nhon I was impressed about the woods between the city center. Highly dense woods about twenty meters wide even several thousand square meters. Then I wondered: “Why is the heart of a growing urban woods back there like this?”.


“The Garden” in the city

Now back to Quy Nhon, not just a woods was that the entire city as a shady garden. Along the coast, away from Ghenh Rang up to Mui Tan (Quy Nhon port), more than five kilometers long road but one side of the sloping white sands with the blue sea, one side is green strips whispering. Also a few dozen meters narrowing space and hundreds of meters wide. A children’s park, just before University Quy Nhon “grow” right on the beach. Roadside, the trees with crown midday summer sun does not give a ball fall down. Threaded sea breeze under the trees rustle as harmony with the surf out there making the guests feel missed step gentle soul, serene. Here, all the noisy hustle of life as being left outside. Going along the coast, the high coconut flap “loose waving wind”, flap casuarina trees interspersed eagle, oil plants, lim …

In the inner city, along the avenue Nguyen Tat Thanh, central path similar to Dong Khoi, Le Loi of HCM City, more than six kilometers long is a huge park. Top of the line between country music stations a 3,000 m² larger lawns. Corruption summer afternoon, the sky lined colorful kites. Next came his quỳnh yellow flower carpet in the sun. Across the street is far from the tree flap a few dozen meters high. Not only this, such as Fishbone roads Pham Ngoc Thach, Ha Huy Tap, Chu Van An, Hoang Dieu … well shaded. There are tree lines along roads, closing the canopy leaves, go into the streets, but cool as going between the forest canopy.

Green gold for land grab

Along An Duong Vuong Ghenh Rang close to five or six hotels. Do Dinh Phuong, Director of Parks and Trees Public Lighting, said it will soon, the hotel will be relocated gone, returned to shore with only trees and grass. The policy of the city is: absolutely beach for residents and public works. Since last year, the province has not approved any projects shielding sight. The project works receding from the coast.

Also in the city, there is the sale of airline tickets, the old bus station as he cleared, due to its prime location has made investors for land lease with very high price for the hotel, but the government has shook his head and then the park has grown up. Of course, when building green patches in the city, this decision was met with mixed reviews. One side is “sell building plots” to collect funds for a large, very large. One side is a green park for two people but through his life’s Secretary Nguyen Xuan Duong province and Vu Hoang Ha has maintained perspective: Quy Nhon embellished resolutely coast, the lakes and marshes, along with the construction of parks and planting trees in all plots of land can be cultivated. It is the welfare of the entire population, and sustainable development is how to create attractive investment in the future.

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